Maria Martinez

Hey what's up! I am Maria your new Fashion Designer!

Well, I started this journey almost my entire life, since I was a cutie little girl, I was in love with styles, fabrics, colors, textures, materials, paintings, art, music and landscapes. My inspiration comes from every experience. It could be from a fancy journey, to the streets.

I am proudly Latin American and my designs... well my designs are made for you, and for you, and for nobody else than you!
Products are designed by me. They are handmade in different points of the globe by small groups of local manufactures to keep the originality and sustainability of each piece.
Besides all, I am a proud mom of two beautiful children Ada & Angel, and wife of my lovely husband Aldo.

So, I'm just waiting for you to become part of my inspiration... don't forget to drop me an email. I would love to read your story and check out how you wear a Maria Martinez Design ;)