Culture of Packaging: Part 2

1-2-3 Steps for a Beautiful Sustainable Brand Packaging 

After reading our previous blog "The Power of Packaging", you get a better understanding on how beautiful details can build a good brand-customer relationship. Now it is time for you to learn how to impress your customer by creating your own brand packaging, and you will learn it in a few 1, 2, and 3 steps...

Don't buy, re-use boxes

1. Try to collect as much boxes as you can from previous items you bought, or request to a company all of their unused packaging boxes for recycling purpuses. Depending on the size of your product you'll need to find a box according to it. It is better that the color of the box is neutral or find a color that matches your brand image.

Printing your image

2. Print your logo and brand pattern on the other side of an already printed paper. The purpose of this printed paper, is to paste and cover some parts of your packing box. Print a small card for your customers and sign your name, your customers will feel the appreciation from the designer by taking the time to write by hand a nice message to them.

(It is nice to send a surprise gift  inside the packaging. I like to send Mini Worry Dolls (Muñequita Quitapenas) from Guatemala. There is a legend that if you have problem, share it with these Worry Dolls before bedtime, place them under your pillow while you sleep... The Worry Dolls will take your worries away!)

Last, but not least...

3. Pack the product inside a small fabric bag, it will give the sense of caring to the customer. Once you finished, place all of the items inside the box. Remember to tape it and make sure no item will get out of the box while shipping. 

Finish your packaging by giving it a beautiful touch like a cute ribbon. It will transport to your childhood in which you were super excited for opening a present. 

And always, always remember to treat yourself with a beautiful Maria Martinez present. 



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