Culture of Packaging: Part 1

The Power of Packaging

One of the things I love about selling online is how packaging can build a good brand-customer connection. Therefore, it is essential how you introduce your products to the public, not only for aesthetics reasons, but to capture loyal customers.

Customers that appreciate a nice packaging as much as the product itself, will be more involved with your brand, will purchase again, and will absolutely post a nice review. 

As you can see in the following case,

Here our customer gave us a 5 hearts rates (taking 5 as the top amount). And the translation could be: "...inside the special packaging, I found some cute little presents :). This purchase was made through my simultaneous online store for the Asian market.



As the customer explains on the beginning, she didn't expected the actual size of the item, but the way the product was presented, made her fall in love with the product and its texture.

Now, you definitely need to read the following part of this blog, so you can practice the steps on how to create by yourself a special packaging, not only for your brand, but for any special occasion.



To be continued...




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