Let's merry ourselves this Xmas!

This is our 5th consecutive Christmas my family and I spend miles away from our native country. There are uncountable memories you will miss from Holidays back home. Besides sharing with family, there are special traditions each country owns. It could be from a special outfit, a delicious grandma’s food, a scent, the weather, to a Xmas carol. To feel closer from home I decide to merry my family, you, and I as much as possible for these Holidays.
I created this online store to share with you my inspiration in bags handmade in my beautiful Guatemala. The web page was a project I’ve decided will be the Xmas gift to my brand and lovely customers.
My family and I missed so much the Christmas scent back in our far away home. We came up with the idea of having a natural Xmas tree, one that could be used year by year and will grow in hand with our kids. The idea was great and the outcome as well; we just love our living Xmas tree inside our house. This Christmas smell wouldn't be complete without the *ponche and *tamales that are the traditional food for Xmas eve.
Lastly but not least, I’ve made myself a special gift... My trendy glasses I will be happy to wear for the upcoming New Year.
Merry ourselves and our beloved ones this Xmas, and let's be happy every moment for the year 2016!!!
*Ponche: A fruity beverage served hot.
*Tamales: Guatemalan dishes, consisting of corn dough stuffed with meat, chili and other ingredients. They are wrapped in leaves of banana and steamed or baked.

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